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  1. Go to Registration page.
  2. Enter your Username and Email.
  3. (Optional) Enter a Sponsor - the username who invited you (if you have one, otherwise, leave this field blank).
  4. Click button.
  5. Check your email and click on activation link (it may take some time, while you receive an activation email).
  6. Leave and remeber auto-generated password in field New password or enter your own and click button.
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to BUY COINS page.
  3. Add Silver Start Package (€150) and/or Golden Start Package (€750) to cart.
  4. Click on button and then on button.
  5. Purchase items using your Perfectmoney account.
  6. Now you have 3x 1oz Silver and/or 3x 1/10oz Golden coins into your account. You can find them on SEND ITEMS page.
  7. You also have a 2x Silver and/or Golden places automatically created and activated into a room.
  8. And finally, you have 5000 SP (Silver Points) and/or 25000 GP (Golden Points), which you can spend to create and/or activate another room place on SILVER ROOM and/or GOLDEN ROOM.
  1. Go to Account page.
  2. Enter Profile Details information (name, postal address) and click button.
  3. Go to SEND ITEMS page.
  4. Add coins to delivery.
  5. Click on button and chose amount of coins, which you would like to send.
  6. Purchase delivery using your Perfectmoney account (or account balance).
  7. We will check and send your order shortly.
  1. Go to SILVER ROOM and/or GOLDEN ROOM page.
  2. Create Place
    1. Use current Place Name or enter your own.
    2. Chose Referrer Place.
    3. Click on button.
    4. See demonstration, where your place will be activated.
    5. Click on button and approve action, or click button, and choose another Place Name and/or Referrer Place.
  3. Activate Place
    1. Click on any active button.
    2. See demonstration, where your place will be activated.
    3. Click on button and approve action, or click button, and choose another place.
  1. Go to Account page.
  2. Copy your Referral Link and share through emails, social media, skype and other sources you know.
  3. Ask your friends to make sure, that your Username is in Sponsor field on Registration page.
  4. Teach your friends, how to work with Vincory.
  1. Each Room in our system has places structure 1x2x4x8.
  2. Activated places takes first empty section from to .
  3. Place activation gives a Recommendation to Referrer Place or gives a Gift Recommendation to first priority place, if Referrer Place already has two Recommendations.
  4. If place has one or two Recommendations, it gives a place more priority, to take upper place, when room is splitted.
  5. Move your places to position by filling room (activate your own places and invite friends to work as a team).
  6. When new place has been activated, user who owns receives €12.5 (€100 total for 8 places) in Silver Room and €62.5 (€500 total for 8 places) in Golden Room.
  7. When room has completely filled, has finished the room.
  8. Other places will split into two different room and move on one level up.
Level Silver Room Downline Earnings
1 €2.5
2 €1
3-5 €0.25
6 (5th Anniversary) €0.25
Level Golden Room Downline Earnings
1 €12.5
2 €5
3-5 €1.25
6 (5th Anniversary) €1.25
  1. Earn money each time, when your referrals, up to 6 Level of Downline, has been activated their places (if you have qualification).
  2. You need to have 6 referrals in Silver and/or Golden Room to qualify for downline earnings on all 6 levels in Silver and/or Golden Room.
  3. If you have only one referral in Silver and/or Golden Room, you can earn only from first level of downline in Silver and/or Golden Room, two referrals = 2 levels ... 6 referrals = all 6 levels).
  1. By default your Referral Link is point to your_username-2s and your_username-2g places.
  2. You can change default places at any time on SILVER ROOM and/or GOLDEN ROOM page by click to specified button.
  3. If someone registered, using your Referral Link, their referral_username-1s and referral_username-1g places is automatically concatenate with your selected Referrer Place's.
  1. This help you organized your places.
  2. Swap your own places.
  3. Swap places with other users.


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